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September 22, 2009

A Short Post

I have been thinking all day of something profound to post or some deep, intellectual article to comment on, but all I have the desire to say right now is that I am content in my vocation.

Well, not in the way that you think, seeing as I still feel a bit restless about my single status. I am truly content and grateful for my vocation to be a teacher. It feels so natural to be in front of students everyday, imparting whatever knowledge that I've gained along my short little way so far. Even more than that I love to pose questions and watch them discover Truth together. It is such a privilege to stand where I do, watch what I do, hear what I hear, and see what I see.

The peace I feel about my vocation, even despite the daily struggles and trials, is providing me with a sense of the freedom that God gives us when we follow His will. I am thinking that I will know this peace in my vocation of marriage. It will not be perfect everyday, probably not any day, but if it is truly what I'm called to and I work within it with a lot of heart behind it, I will experience this type of freedom that I experience now. For now, I ask God for peace within this single state, and for the desire to be still and know that He is God (Psalm 46:10).

Off to grade papers...

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