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September 16, 2009

Bills, Bills, Bills

I promise not to link to the old Destiny's Child song in the this post. Instead I want to write about the modern, single woman and her finances. It's SO important to know what is coming in each month, what has to go out for regular bills, taxes, and necessities, etc. I think it's easy to say, "Oh, my husband will take care of that when I get married," or to just pity yourself for having to do it on your own. The reality is, we have to work to support ourselves, there are bills to pay and things to be done, and no one can keep track of your money besides yourself.

I used to be so good at keeping my checkbook balanced, and while I'm good at keeping on top of the checks that I write, I have fallen prey to checking my balance online. I feel less secure not knowing exactly what is coming out of my pocket when I swipe that check card at the grocery store. It's so easy to get into the bad habit of losing track.

Anyway, I'd like to keep a strict budget for the next few months so that I can be conscientious about saving money for emergencies and just to put away. A few questions:

1) Do you use any software or have any organization tools that you use to stay on top of your money?

2) I'm all about clipping coupons. Any other creative ways to save a buck here and there?

3) How do I stay on top of money without becoming frugal? I am averaging being a bridesmaid in a wedding about every 3 months, and I like to be generous with all of the things going on with these events...and I like to be generous with my money with other people. I'm afraid that if I start counting pennies more strictly, it'll lead to frugality, and that is the last thing that I want!

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