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September 3, 2009

40 Days for Life

If you're like me, just about the only real public Pro-Life activity you engage in is the yearly March For Life in January. Certainly, I pray for an end to abortion and for those considering abortions. I complain about abortion and politics. But I don't have the courage (or really the calling) to stand in front of abortion mills, nor do I have the opportunity to concretely work for a better culture of life, except in trying to life well myself.

Which is all well and good. But how often do we only think of Abortion in January, and when it is in the limelight. Are we out there fighting every day, or are we sitting back and letting the world pass by?

Enter, 40 Days for Life. Started by David Bereit, 40 days for Life is a twice- yearly 40 day vigil (one in lent, and one in the fall) based on prayer and fasting, and offering a chance for public witness through a 24/7 vigil in front of abortion mills, and lots of community outreach.

Tonight is the kick off fundraiser for DC's 40 Days for Life (event info here), but it is not to late to get into the action wherever you are. Check out the 100 + List of Locations sponsoring 40 days for Life activities. And even if there isn't a location near-by (hard to imagine, given the list!) you can join in prayer and fasting, one of the three components of the mission of 40 Days for Life.

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