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September 2, 2009

Don't Sweat the Small Stuff

A few months ago I broke down and joined a gym. Well, not really broke down. I had thought it about it for awhile, as I was getting uncomfortable using our high school's gym which, while free, meant that I would be working out with my students. Anyway, one day I literally stumbled upon a local gym and on that day they were waving the enrollment fee and waving monthly dues for the entire summer. It was too good to pass up. And while I've had to overcome certain small things that bother me like the fact that people try to pick each up other between gasps on the elliptical and that some people are just very comfortable with themselves in the locker room, it's been really good for my anxiety to be able to exercise on a regular basis.

Yesterday I decided that I was going to give a step aerobics class a try. Now, I am really uncomfortable working out in front of a mirror as well as working out around other people in front of a mirror (not to mention the fact that the name of the class brought back memories of my mother's Jane Fonda VHS exercise tapes), but I gave it a go. And let me just say...that was a workout! For only using weights and a single raised step, I am sure feeling it today. I recommend it to anyone who wants something that is easy on the knees but good for the heart.
Does anyone have any other recommendations for types of exercise that would put a little variety into my step? Pun intended, but still sincere. :)


Angela Miceli said...

Try a spinning class! So much fun and you will feel it in your legs especially! Once I get well...I cannot wait to get started again!!

fabulous said...

How about training for a half-marathon? Or you can start with a 5K, then an 8K, then a 10K and your practically there.

Ok, I guess I'm trying to rope other people into it with me. I think I'm crazy, although I'm trying to train for one in Dec (with a partner), but you'd be welcome to join us of course.

Also, I've heard pilates videos are great workouts. Mind, body and spirit. Its calming, I hear.

Grace in my Heart said...

Julian, Are you at Gold's? That's where we go and I absolutely love their step class! I'm like you- I hate the mirrors and all the other people around though so I usually plant myself in the back corner.
I'm also a big fan of "body pump" which is using weights. Over the summer I accidently attended "butts and guts" and I definitely do NOT recommend that one. I couldn't move for a week, haha!
Good luck! :)

Aaron said...

I'm behind on my blog reading, and only now getting to this post. Alas, I have nothing to recommend, though I recently took up regular exercise myself. I am sans recommendation, you see, because the leader of our exercise gaggle is a West Pointer whose idea of fun is bear crawling down stairs. I appreciate the exercise, but literally feel it for days afterward...

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