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September 25, 2009

Books on Marriage

Just a quick note today-- I will reply to the Male/Female Friendship posts - I promise!! The debate is wonderful! But for now, I just wanted to link a few good books on marriage that I am using to prepare myself and one book that might be great for the male/female friendship question -- and on marriage too! I promise book reviews once I've read them too!

On Marriage

John Paul II's play called The Jeweler's Shop. Recommended by my parents!

Elizabeth Fox-Genovese's Marriage: The Dream that Refuses to Die. This one I am just finishing up!! Awesome! Keep an eye out for more on this one soon!

Eugene D. Genovese's Miss Betsy: A Memoir of Marriage. This is a memoir of the marriage between Eugene and Elizabeth Genovese written by her husband after her death. What got me hooked on wanting to read this one was this teaser quote "Eugene Genovese confesses that "time does not heal all things," but he also affirms that is was on the day of his "improbable blind date" with Elizabeth Fox that "the Holy Ghost pronounced my sinful soul worth saving.""

And finally -- on the friendship between man and woman (and I am guessing also on marriage) is Dietrich and Alice Von Hildebrand's Man and Woman: Love and the Meaning of Intimacy. Recommended by a friend who read it! I get the feeling this one will help us in our current male/female friendship debates! Lots to look forward to!!


Julian said...

Good riddance, there is so much to read on marriage. I love these titles and the looks of the content...very fun!

I'm thinking of reading the letters between Abigail and John Adams next. I think it would add to our discussion of male/female friendship, but particularly the friendship between spouses. Maybe we could all read it together? Or maybe I'll just post a lot on it!

Happy reading, Edith!

Semper Eadem said...

It would be very nice if you could link to our blog:

Aaron said...

Thanks for recommending Miss Betsey (though surely you noticed the passage about her insistence on having two e's in her name!). I ordered a copy after reading your post, finishing it up on my flight to Mississippi to see my girlfriend and meet her family at Thanksgiving. More than anything, I appreciated the end, where Genovese affirmed that love can, indeed, grow, and is not doomed to whither and die. A couple days later, with that passage inscribed on the inside cover, I gave my copy to my (newly minted) fiancée, and she's working on reading it now. As much as I love her dearly, I do hope for more than this. Ten or five or even one year from now, I want to say that I love her better than I did back in late 2009. When we're both old and gray I want to be a sign of contradiction in a world of serial marriages, telling everyone who will listen that it was all worth it, beyond my wildest dreams. And I trust that I will, not because I deserve such a life, but because God is just that generous.

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