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September 17, 2009

A Day in the Life

Thank goodness for (some of) my students. Today, just when I really needed a laugh, the following occurred in my classroom during a discussion about a current event on in vitro fertilization for women past middle age:

Me: ...Well, we'll actually be talking about that when we introduce sexual ethics. We'll talk about something called natural family planning and regulating birth.

Student A: Is that when people eat their children? (Pause, and then the entire class erupts in laughter). Wait, what is so funny about that?

Student B: What are you talking about?

Student A: You know, like Jonathan Swift and the need to eat your babies.

Me: No, well, um, natural family planning is regulating family size and spacing births without using contraception.

Student A: Oh! You said natural family planning, not natural famine planning!

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