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September 7, 2009

Dating Dilemmas

I think my letter to Dear Abby would read as follows:

Dear Abby,

I am a 25-year-old female with serious dating issues. This was made apparent again last night after I spent an hour talking to a young man at a local establishment. The upstanding guy was a real gentleman, and I was intrigued by his life story. But when it came time for him to ask for my number, I found myself giving it to him with hesitation. "Oh my goodness. What if he actually calls me? What if I actually like him down the road?" Immediately my head started spinning and I realized that I actually have a fear of things working out with the opposite sex. How weird for someone who also has such a strong desire to be a wife to someone.

This was also made evident to me when I was talking with my mother, who indicated that from the stories that I relayed to her, when any guy I've been seeing or talking to for any length of time really begins to want to get to know me in a more intimate way, I usually find reasons why I no longer want to see him and justify my sudden change of interest. I'm acting like a runaway bride...or a runaway date!

Dating Disaster

...Seriously, I can't figure out why I do this, and I need suggestions how to stop. Does anyone else ever feel this way or pull these stunts?

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