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September 21, 2009

No Sorrow Like My Sorrow

The words "There is no sorrow like my sorrow" have been echoing in my head for the last week or so. All weekend long, I have had that phrase in the back of my head every time I was tempted to indulge in self-pity, or weakness, or laziness.

Sunday's mass, then, was a great relief. I got there late (stupid metro), but they offer confessions at the beginning of the mass, so I was able to pop in during the homily. "I absolve you of your sins." Those are powerful words too, and bring so much peace. In the mass we enter into the sorrow of the Blessed Mother, and indeed of God the Father, who watched his Son die on the cross, and the sorrow of Jesus Christ, who wept for all our sins.

When I got home, I learned of a friend's miscarriage.

"There is no sorrow like my sorrow." It was said of the Blessed Mother. But what of all mother's who loose their child? I can't even begin to understand that pain. And I don't know how I'd bear it without the Cross.

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Julian said...

Thanks for this witness, Agatha. It is so true that without the Cross, we would be lost. I'll offer my work of this day for your friend's peace and that of her husband. Let us love the will of God as best we can.

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