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September 15, 2009

A Shocker Over a Women's Magazine

I happened to be in a coffee shop and found a the September 2009 edition of the popular women's fashion magazine Marie Claire (which I don't hyperlink, simply because I could not find an online edition). Anyway, two stories shocked me in a slightly good and hopeful way. One story was just a little bleep about the up and coming trend on modesty in fashion. It featured the program called Pure Fashion, which I had never heard of before. According the article, it is a new movement that targets teen-age girls and is affiliated with a Catholic lay organization called Regnum Christi. I was shocked that the same fashion magazine featuring a spread of Ashley Olson in her undies had such an article -- and spoke positively about it!

This issue also featured a section inspired by the recent murder of abortionist George Tiller . It featured two women's testimonies. One who chose life, even though her baby would be deformed and would die within hours after birth. And of course, one who chose an abortion by none other than the infamous Tiller. I was impressed by the woman's testimony who chose life -- it was beautiful, heart-wrenching, and inspiring. The woman who chose abortion was equally heart-wrenching, although there was nothing beautiful or inspiring about it -- it was depressing. Her baby was deformed with a genetic defect, and she aborted. She was a Catholic from Louisiana -- an extremely Catholic state. Her testimony did not vilify the Church like I expected, but some of her last words in the article were 'I don't even feel Catholic anymore, which another issue in itself." Heart-breaking. Truly, truly heart-breaking.

Anyway, I was surprised with this issue of this typically trashy women's mag. (And what is up with me delving into the typically trashy stuff these past weeks, anyway?) I wouldn't recommend running out to buy it, it still has plenty of trash. But it certainly made me slightly more hopeful that perhaps women are truly starting to change things for the better. I wonder if the recent murder of pro-life activist James Pullion will inspire a follow up for the Marie Claire editors...I am not holding my breath, though.


Julian said...

How encouraging!

I am actually thinking of getting involved with Pure Fashion where I live. I have to say that every morning when I dress for school, I am conscious of what I am wearing so that it is both fashionable AND modest. (Although sometimes I worry I am too modest. Can that be true?)

Hopefully the fact that you can be stylish and modest is subtly sinking in for my students!

fabulous said...

I'm so glad you've now heard of Pure Fashion. It is an awesome thing. I have thought about getting involved as's a bit of a commitment to be a 'leader' but I hear its worth it. We are trying to incorporate it to St. Mary's. Last year we took some girls, and it was awesome. I have the contact info on how to get involved, so just hollar if you want it. GBLess.

Edith Magdalene said...

Thanks so much, fabulous! Please do post some info about it!! We'd love for the blog to be a means of spreading the word!

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