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August 2, 2010

Dating - Yikes!

Julian's past week of romance:
1. Dealing with with incredibly real, strong feelings for someone though timing is possibly way off. Discernment and prayer is daily in this regard. Any prayers are appreciated!
2. My Mormon landlord is trying to set me up with his very Mormon son.
3. A male acquaintance said, "Hey, would you like to grab a drink on Monday?" last week. Naturally, I think this is just a chance to catch up. He shows up with a RED ROSE and proceeds to go on and on at the restaurant about the importance of conquering fears and how it was huge for him to conquer the fear of buying me a rose, but fears are not from God and on and on he went. He kept telling me how guarded I was, and I should open up to him and tell him what's on my heart, etc. Hello, I only sort of know you.

All of this is to say I need to take my heart to the Lord (and all of these laughs) and beg for laughter, too. :)


Milisande Awnia Grim said...

Wow.. Yeah Prayers!
Thats kind of odd at that stage it seems?
I understand to only a small extent of it though. Most people keep on going up to my dad and saying.
"How old is your Daughter? Can she date yet?"

And then my sister says:


They Answer:

"Cause shes good at sports, and hot....."

Lol, it was so awkward when my sister told me this, cause HELLO! I dont really want to date until im much more in love with God.

So Prayers for you!
In Persona Christi

Mary said...

Praying for you, Julian! You have such a beautiful attitude to dating! I'm sure Our Lord is having a laugh and a smile along with you. Thank you for sharing your journey. :)

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