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August 10, 2010

Agatha's Devotions of Choice

The last few weeks a meme of Catholic devotions has been spreading the papist blogsphere. The Magdalene Sisters were tagged by Kim Luisi, author of the blog Faith Fiction and Flannery, and a writer for Traces Magazine.

So today Julian, Edith and I will be sharing our favorite Catholic devotions. Can you guess, from the photo above, what's mine?
  1. The Angelus: when I have a really crazy days, the bells peal out across Michigan Avenue, and I take a moment to say it, and the stress doesn't matter anymore.
  2. Praying for the Souls in Purgatory: I always say: if you don't pray for them, you don't get to go. And that would be a shame, wouldn't it?
  3. The St. Joseph Novena is perfect.
  4. Celebrating Feast Days (ps. this week is feasting non-stop: Dominic, Edith Stein, Lawrence, Clare, Jane Frances de Chantal, Hippolytous, Maximillian Kolbe)
  5. The Prayer of Saint Francis basically covers everything I want to want.

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