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August 8, 2010

I Hate to Interrupt Our Novena...

...but I couldn't help but write a post about St. Dominic on his feast day. Personally, I think Edith Stein wouldn't mind. With feast days in such close calendar proximity, I think they're probably toasting one another. Actually, no, they are toasting the Lord!

For anyone interested in in the life and legacy of St. Dominic and his brethren, I highly recommend purchasing St. Dominic's Family : Lives of Over 500 Famous Dominicans by Sr. Mary Jean Dorcy, O.P. From that book I leave you this:

His rule was meant to make the way to heaven easier, not harder. He was the first to propose an order dedicated to preaching at a time when no one but bishops regularly preached. With insight that we can bless today, he foresaw that one might preach in many ways, and in many media; so he made VERITAS the motto of the Order and did not limit the ways or means by which one might preach it. Lastly, his Order was organized to cope with problems of future centuries in lands that had not even been discovered in his day. There is nothing in the Dominican rule to prevent the evangelization of any continent, or of Mars, for that matter; its application is flexible in order to meet the problems of all times and places.

Lord, we praise you for the gift of St. Dominic's life and the establishment of his order. Teach us individually and collectively how to preach your Truth. Amen.

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