Three 20-something women trying to figure out what it means to be lay, Catholic, and modern all at once.

March 2, 2010


Thank you all, dear readers, for your words of love, prayer, encouragement. Trust me, I know your prayers are helping me. I will say this to all considering married life: self-knowledge. Two must be two, and a strong two, before they can become one flesh. Of course, you continue to grow together as one - but you have to be two first. I hope that makes sense. I'll write more as the pain subsides. In the meantime, there's lots to offer pain for: Here are just a few different things.

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Mary said...

It does make sense! We must truly know ourselves before we can give ourselves. Thank you dear Edith for your beautiful insight and your generosity in sharing it. Praise God that even in the midst of this Calvary, Our Lord is strengthening the deepest convictions of your heart, to make you even more of a blessing for your brothers and sisters in Christ and helpmate for the man he intends for you. Nothing is ever wasted!!

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