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March 16, 2010

Healing in His Way

Just a little update. Life has been well, better. The pain is still very much a part of day to day life, but I am allowing God in to heal me. I have just started attending a university branch of a group called Communion and Liberation. Have you ever heard of this movement? It is an ecclesial movement within the Church started by Father Luigi Guissani in Milan. He began this movement with a group of young people in Milan. The name 'Communion' and 'Liberation' signifies what they believe about Christian life -- only communion with the One, True God gives authentic liberation to the human person. This very much appealed to me, as I have just left a situation where I had no freedom. True love, true communion is always liberating and encourages us to become the best of ourselves, to become the person God ordained us to be.

The charism that marks the group I can only describe as making the event of the Incarnation truly known in the world - revealing Christ by their everyday witness. Communion and Liberation members do this in a special way every Good Friday by praying the Way of the Cross in major cities throughout the world (e.g. Chicago). It is a witness of carrying the Cross in a place that can be so impersonal, so inhumane, so full of human suffering. You can read more about it here. I expect great graces to come! Thanks for your prayers, and be sure I am offering mine for you!


La Italiana said...

This movement is amazing. I teach with a priest in CL and he is the most wonderful person. I love the founder's readings. I pray this is fruitful for you!!! Be free in Christ!

Emily Byers said...

So glad to hear it! Praying for you, my dear! "For freedom He has set us free..."

Edith Magdalene said...

Thanks, friends!

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