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March 25, 2010

Pop Culture (for the most part) Makes Me Laugh

And (for the most part), I hope it makes you laugh too. And I've been looking for things that make me laugh these days. I recently read a silly article in the spoof newspaper The Onion. It makes fun of contemporary man's inability to communicate angst and feelings and starts out:
Stating that she wasn't in the best place right now, and that things have been sort of you know, Belmont resident Megan Slota announced Thursday that sometimes she just feels….

Due to a general sense of…well, it's hard to explain, the 28-year-old dental hygienist reported that she just needed to work some stuff out, and that she would probably be a little I don't know for a couple weeks or so.
Oh pop culture, you are sometimes so funny. What is funnier (or maybe not funny) is that I could relate to this. If you are like me and just want to laugh, read the whole article.

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