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May 25, 2009

Woman Warrior of the Month Column

A few weeks ago, I was at the Campus Catholic Center at my university chatting a with a friend about a book I had lent her -- Led by Faith by Immaculée Ilibagiza. "This book is so incredible, Edith. Immaculée is such a woman warrior. I would give her a bow and arrow!" I replied, "Great, I am so glad you liked it!! I hope that I have the courage to be a woman warrior one day!" And she said, "Oh Edith, in my book, you already are. I'd give you a bow and arrow any day!" Which blew me away, because indeed my friend is one of the most luminous, strong, and beautiful women I know!!

But this conversation gave rise to a thought -- Have you ever read a story about a woman -- maybe a story of one of the saints, or woman in our contemporary time -- and were just amazed at her strength and courage? These are the women who have endured life's most difficult trials, or women who are paving the way for us to embrace an authentic femininity, or women who just exemplify something so beautiful, we just don't know how to put it into words.

Well, I am introducing to you our monthly (or maybe even weekly) posts featuring just such a woman. Now, we've done it in little ways all along, with posts about Adrienne Von Speyr, Sophie Scholl, and St. Agatha just to name a few. But I think we need to dedicate something on this blog regularly, because we need to know about women who demonstrate true femininity in order to become those women. After all, doesn't virtue come first through imitation? (Thank you, Aristotle.)

Our first Woman Warrior column will debut on June 1, so stay tuned! And readers, please give us your thoughts! Tell us about the women warriors you have touched your life!
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