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May 8, 2009

The Vitae Monologues? Yes!

The Epiphany Studios Theater Company, a Catholic theater group started by Jeremy D. Stanbury recently debuted a play titled the VITAE Monologues, depicting real life stories of post abortive women. The emotional, psychological, and spiritual devastation of abortion is something the media never discusses, but SO MANY women suffer from this. Many of them try for years to dull their pain with drugs, alcohol, more sex...

When it is talked about by those brave enough to speak about their experiences, time and again women (and men too!) talk about how they have not been able to forgive themselves and constantly dwell with sorrow upon the life of their child. Take this heart wrenching account from one woman:
When I got to the clinic there were a lot of church people outside, I walked right past them. I was too embarrassed to let them talk to me. (Now I wish I had). I really can’t remember everything, I was too terrified, I had no anesthetic at all. I can not remember what method was used. I believe I have blocked it out of my mind. I don’t even want to think about it. I remember after it was over and a lady there showed me where the restroom was. I remember sitting on the toilet crying non-stop, bleeding and in terrible pain. My mom picked me up, we got home and I went straight to bed and my mom told my dad I had an ear infection.

It has affected me in many ways, I still feel the pain and sorrow, the wonders of what the baby would have looked like and what sex it would have been. I have a lot of grief, remorse and guilt deep inside of my heart. I wonder what the baby felt while it was being murdered with its mother’s consent.

And her story is not unique -- it's the story of so many of our women! I certainly hope this play will take off and far outshine the other V Monologues! Let's show our support of it!! Women, children, and men all deserve better choices than abortion. Let's help foster that reality to fruition.

I guess I just end with some food for thought. Jesus Christ in the Gospel says to us, "This is my body, which is given for you." (Lk. 22: 19). Christ gives us His very body for our food, and enslaves Himself to bread and wine for our spiritual benefit and salvation. Now consider one of the more common arguments given by abortion advocates to support their point: "This is my body, and I will do what I want with it." The same phrase, but very, very different meanings. Does anyone else find that eerie??

Photo for this post on the VITAE Monologues found at LIFE magazine.


Julian said...

This is SO incredible!!! Thank you for sharing this, Edith!

As a little sidenote, my school is running a diaper/baby wipe drive for single mother's at a home in my city. I went to buy diapers yesterday, and I felt completely judged because I do not have a ring on my left hand. Some of my students said the same thing - that they felt they were thought of as teenage mothers and were treated poorly in the grocery store. We HAVE to support women who find themselves with child, no matter what the circumstance. They should be especially encouraged and loved. One step at a time.

Julian said...

Ok, I'm a grammar queen and want to correct something: "mother's" to "mothers." I'm still drinking my morning coffee!

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