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May 12, 2009

A Response to "The Little Ones": A Makeup Makeover

That you for such an interesting conversation topic, Edith. I can't tell you how much I sympathize with what you experienced with your boyfriend and the rehearsal. This year I chaperoned prom, and even though my students are a good ten years older than the girls in the recital, some of them were dressed so provocatively that I blushed when they walked through the registration line. Honestly, I felt so uncomfortable as their teacher and mentor, seeing so many intelligent, naturally beautiful girls vamped up in dresses that barely covered their bodies. It broke my heart, actually! However, one student came in to speak with me about how her mother always tells her, "No matter what you do, do it with class." That's how she lives her life in the culture: engaging her peers and the culture but picking and choosing what she listens to, goes to see, or wears out in public based on whether or not it makes her feel classy....and like the classic beauty that she is. At least there's one besides us!

On this note, yesterday I popped into Aveda to pick up some concealer and some lip color. Now, I always have a tough time buying concealer since my olive skin tone changes this time of year as I get more sun. Hence, I had to spend a little more time testing out the shades to find the perfect match. "Let's see," I thought. "It looks like it's between 'bronze', 'bamboo,' or this one - bitch'" Bitch?!?! Yes, one shade of concealer was called bitch! I started looking around the store and found other scandalous names, just as I do in Sephora and other big makeup venues. Do you ever look on the bottom of lipstick colors? Mac sells "Tender Tryst," "Pervette" and "Velvet Teddy." How is a woman to feel beautiful and attractive without feeling so seductive? Why can't I feel beautiful without being a "bronze, velvety 'bitch'"?

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