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May 31, 2009

True Story

I'd like to propose a little column called "True Story," where we (or at least I) can post about the absurdities that we encounter on a regular basis.  I've decided that my life is too comedic not to be shared with people who might need a laugh.  If this column proves to be too weird, I'll nip it in the bud! 

So, true story: I've volunteered to chaperone a Habitat-for-Humanity-like trip for high school students run through my diocese.   Yesterday, the high schoolers, the rest of the adult chaperones, and I hosted a car wash in order to fundraise for the tools that we need to buy.  It was a perfect event, not only because we were blessed with so many generous donations, but because there is really no better to way to bond people together than through Christian service and good old-fashioned manual labor.   

Anyway, one young student's older, very good-looking cousin came by with his Jeep for a car wash.  He struck up a conversation with me and we spent a good ten minutes chatting about what we both do, where we were from, etc.  He stuck around for the better part of the first hour, which provided us with other opportunities to chat.  We were in mid-conversation about his responsibilities in the Army, when he got in his car in what appeared to be an attempt to allow another car some room to get washed.  But instead of stopping and getting out, he just kept driving, and didn't come back!    A fellow chaperone asked a few minutes later where he was and commented on how it looked like he was really engaging me, and when I told her that he was gone, she looked equally baffled.  Now, I know I probably didn't look that awesome without my makeup and only one coffee in, but c'mon...fleeing the scene mid-conversation?  I think I reached a new level of weird! :) 

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VinoFino said...

He'll be back. Methinks he's plotting his next opportunity to see you again.

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