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May 10, 2009

Happy Birthday to Julian

To our dear sister, Julian, on the day of her birth and Mother's day. We pray dear Lord, that our sister will know Your love more fully this year, as Your servant Julian of Norwich wrote so often of Your Love. Bless our sister greatly, embrace her in Your most Holy and Sacred Heart. Give her Your joy and Your peace, fill her life with Your Light, and pour the oil of Your anointing out abundantly upon her. May she always be a mother to Your people, living her vocation to nurture Your children so that they may come to know You.

We pray the words of your servant Julian of Norwich today for our sister today:

And in the same sheweing sodenly the Trinite fullfilled the herte most of joy;
and so, I understood, it shall be in Hevyn withoute end to all that shall come
there. For the Trinite is God, God is the Trinite. The Trinite is our maker and
keeper, the Trinite is our everlasting lover, everlasting joy and blisse, be our
Lord Jesus Christ; and this was shewed in the first and in all, for where Jesus
appereith the blissid Trinite is understond, as to my sight. And I said, "Bene-
dicite, Domine."
Grant, Lord, that our sister will rejoice with You forever, exclaiming, "Benedicte, Domine!"

Happy birthday, Julian! Love always, Edith and Agatha

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Julian said...

Thank you! Blessings!

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