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May 3, 2009

The Single Person's Registry

Last night I threw a small dinner party (pulled off at the last second with Agatha's help!), and I just kept thinking, "I could use, this, this, and this appliance, if only I had a registry like all of my married friends!"  Now there are spiritual benefits to marriage (certain graces) and economic benefits (tax breaks)...but in today's world, there are even culinary benefits (thanks to registries)! [I hope that readers can pick up on my humor :) ] Anyway, I don't actually believe in having a single person's registry, as I can certainly live with my "mix and match" dinnerware, pots, and linens, but I think it would be fun to see what others might put on this imaginary list.  Where would you register?  What kitchen/house/apartment items can you not live without?    


Angela Miceli said...

I love this, Julian!! I understand! My friends and I go to Williams and Sonoma and scope out each other's future wedding gifts....Daydreaming about perfect domestic bliss with that perfect pink mix master in the window....*sigh*

But seriously until our weddings -- I've found fun, cheap alternatives for the perfect dinner party at places such as TJ Maxx, Ross, Marshall's, Good Will, garage sales and any second-hand shop!! It's really fun to shop for too!!

Margaret Perry said...

I want:
an ice cream scoop
a kitchen aid
a tea set
3 platters
and 2 serving bowls
a bar set
a wine decanter
and a new stockpot.

then I shall be content.

(yeah, right.)

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