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May 24, 2009

Thing Thing About Advice... that it's free.  And when something is being given away for free, we should have a little pause before accepting it. 

Consider the article in Self magazine entitled, "Just Do it."  The tag line? "Sure, sex is satisfying, but making love yields more benefits than the Big O."  According to the spread, sex can do the following: reduce migraines, give you extra confidence, help you sleep better, boost your immune system, enhance your sense of smell, reduce your male partner's risk of stroke by 50%, work your glutes, abs, and triceps, and give you a "souped-up sex drive," which means "the more you have it, the more you want it" (as if their readers are complete imbeciles). 

Of course there are positives to sex, but do we, as a culture, really need more motivation to have it and to have it more often?  Do we need to have more motivation to have it other than monogamous intimacy?  Do I really need to go around wondering if my virginity is compromising my peak olfactory sense? Is there no other way to give myself that extra confidence? 

And just because she likes to jump in their with sound advice, Oprah has decided to post a list of American cities where my chances of meeting my potential spouse will be boosted (well, at least the best chances of meeting single men over 35).  Should I really pack my bags for Salt Lake City because I haven't met him yet?  Is there no possibility of of finding love where I am? 

Her friend Gayle King compiled another list with some "expert."  The top place to meet a man?  The farmer's market:
Their first stop is a farmers' market. While some women might take this—and any other errands, such as running out to get the paper or a gallon of milk—as an opportunity to wear bleach-stained sweatpants and oversized T-shirts, Steve says they should instead treat it as a potential time to meet guys. Instead of dressing like a "shlumpadinka," Steve says you should leave the house looking great. What does Steve consider an appropriate errand outfit? "A little lip gloss, a cute T-shirt, some nice jeans." 

Gayle and Katina disagree, saying that an errand doesn't need to be fashion show. Steve's response is clear and direct. "Men are always looking," he says. "Therefore, you always have to be ready to be looked at if you want to meet a guy." 
So ladies.  The first stop is your produce run.  The second stop, if you're interested, is the driving range.  You NEED to pick up golf and get yourself a good caddie in order to find Mr. Right.  

Sorry if my sarcasm is too apparent, but for right now, I'm all set with advice. 


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