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May 24, 2010

Why I Like Glee

I confess: I've become a Glee Groupie. I originally began watching it to see what the big fuss was when my students would come in on Wednesday mornings chatting about the previous night's episode. However, what started out as research became a really fun-filled hour on Tuesday nights. I love musicals, and I love music from all different eras and genres. This show has it all. I also think Glee does a really good job tackling important issues (most particularly their regular stories about persons with disabilities and anxiety disorders like OCD). I'll be really happy if they continue to explore the many dimensions of their lead characters. Oh, and the cast does all of its own singing, which is pretty cool.

Above all, I have to say, I love the character of Sue Sylvester. She is downright hysterical in her meanness...not because it's okay to say the things she does, but because she is so over-the-top that she makes me giggle. But even Sue has many layers, no doubt not all of them exposed yet. Jane Lynch does an amazing job playing her.

If you don't watch it, I say give it a shot. If nothing else, you'll be singing along to a song or two that you forgot you loved so much!

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