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May 8, 2010

Gift-giving Help!

Okay, I know I'm down to the wire here, because I need a gift by this evening, but I need suggestions as to something to buy someone who graduated from graduate school! My mom already snagged the leather-bound portfolio idea, so I've got to come up with something else. Help, please!

While we're at it, I'd also take suggestions for any go-to wedding gifts that you buy. I have three weddings to go to this summer, and I really enjoy getting gifts that are not on the registry. I know people purposefully register for items, but I like the little touches of thoughtfulness that are both personal and practical. Married friends -- any things that you just love for your home?

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!


Napa Needlepoint said...

Julian --

Our go to gift for weddings has always been sets of dessert plates. They come in so many fun patterns, don't have to match their china, and are festive.

You can find a style that suits anyone and while being fun and celebratory, they are also immensely practical.

Anonymous said...

You might try something like a beautiful vase as a wedding gift. It seems like most people don't think to register for them, but they're quite handy to have when hubby brings home flowers! :)

One thing I personally like to do for weddings -- where I know the bride and/or groom well, anyway -- is make a mix CD of love songs that I think they'll like. I always buy a gift too, of course, but I think doing something personal like that is thoughtful and fun.

-- Christina

Aaron said...

I always go for registry stuff, getting things the couple has deemed they need, but I always make sure to get interesting stuff: waffle iron, ice cream scoop, cheese grater. Useful things. Who wants to give a mattress cover? Or three items from a 24 piece plate set? Not me!

The graduate gift necessity has already passed, but let me share a few thoughts anyway: (1) Grad students already read lots of books. Most don't want more. (2) Consumables are good. I just bought a friend a bottle of Bushmills Black Bush Irish whiskey. (Yes, I prefer single malt scotch, but he's more of a blended Irish guy.) Desserts are always sure winners in my world. (3) Postcards make a nice gift for someone from whom you want to continue to hear. And writing a postcard is quick enough that they can't complain they don't have the time!

Jennie said...

Hi Julian,

A wine rack with a few bottles of wine is a fun gift. Although, I guess it depends upon your friends and whether they like wine. But who doesn't love a good bottle of vino?

I also like Napa Needlepoint's idea of dessert plates. That sounds cute.

I'm sure your friends will like whatever you give them. I still remember who gave us what off our registry and think of them each time I use that item.

Good luck!

Margaret Perry said...

Darn: Mom (Napa Needlepoint) and Jennie stole my ideas. Dessert plates are always great. And I've gotten a couple bottles of wine for ppl before--wines that should be opened on their anniversaries: 5 year (Mumm champagne), 10 year (a good cabernet sauvingon), and 20 year (champagne, or port).

La Italiana said...

Thank you for your feedback -- very helpful!

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