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May 26, 2010

Rose Petals at Pentecost

Now that I am home in the Chicago area, I have been anxiously asking myself what is next other than writing my doctoral dissertation. As in, I need a job! So I made a Pentecost pilgrimage to a gorgeous Church in Chicago, St. John Cantius. As God has been feeling distant from me in my sorrows, I was need of renewal this Pentecost. The Mass was lovely enough, but it came for me at the end of the Mass. As the exit procession of priests, seminarians, and altar servers began, fragrant, beautiful rose petals began to fall from the oculus of this gorgeous Church. I just started smiling, relishing in this physical reminder of the tongues of fire falling baptizing all of us, uniting the Communion of Saints. And of course, the rose petals gave it a Marian significance as well.

I had never heard of this tradition before, but as I have learned, it is a Roman tradition that at Pentecost each year, rose petals are dropped from the oculus of the Pantheon, now the Church dedicated to Mary, Queen of Martyrs. Check out the story here - where I also found the photo. Enjoy - and Happy week of Pentecost!

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La Italiana said...

I didn't know about this tradition, but I LOVE it! Hope you are finding your peace :)

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