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May 18, 2010

Summer Fashion: Causal from Julian

I won't be able to take any vacations this year, but I will have a few weekend BBQ's and a trip to New York City to visit a friend. Even though the summer affords a teacher like me with the chance to dress really casually, I love wearing dresses and skirts when I can. There is something about linen or cotton skirts that make me feel so feminine. If I could, I think I'll go with neutrals and don something like this:

Skirt from Banana Republic

Shirt from Anthropologie

Bag from Old Navy


Lindsay said...

So call me whatever, but that skirt is too short and that blouse is too low cut, and this is what frustrates me, because otherwise, they are lovely. So many of the feminine, stylish clothes today are immodest. Why can't they design that skirt to come below the knee and that neckline to reach the collar bone while still having those same great lines and details? It is maddening, imo.

Margaret Perry said...

It is really frustrating trying to find knee-length skirts these days--they are tending to be shorter than in past years. But don't be fooled by the model--who of course has especially long legs. I've been looking for a lot of skirts recently, and I find that the photos online are decieving, and on a normal height woman, these skirts often hit right at the knee.

Shannon said...

I think it's adorable! And on me, that skirt would hit right at the knee, which would be great. I agree with Margaret that those skirts are usually longer than they appear. I also usually just pair a tank top with a lower cut shirts and it looks adorable and modest!!
Loving this series!

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