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May 25, 2010

Wedding Fail

I've been perusing wedding websites a lot recently, because I promised my best friend from college that I'd make her wedding invitations. So, I've been sourcing ideas. Which is great...pretty dresses, beautiful flowers, wonderful colors: lots of details to brighten my day!

But I recently came across a wedding venue in LA called Vibiana, and it nearly broke my heart. It is a beautiful, huge, old church, in a that whitewashed California Baroque style, that is no longer used as a church: it is merely an event venue. But it still has most of the archetectural details--like gorgeous white marble side altars (not to mention the ornate high altar, see below).

With only the merest hints of its old use as a place of worship, this becomes a cool venue--a nearly blank canvas upon which I can thrust my vision for MY BIG DAY. It is, to me, symbolic of everything that is wrong with the wedding industry today. And it just breaks my heart.

1 comment:

Savannah said...

thats reallyyy sad... it looks like it used to be a really pretty church):

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