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May 6, 2010

Fashion: The Met Museum Gala

Called the Academy Awards for fashion, the Met Museum's annual Fashion Gala took place last saturday. The theme was a dull and broad "American Woman" blah-blah-blah, and as a result the dresses were of a wide variety of basically awful gowns. (Go to my favorite trashy celebrity fashion review site, GoFugYourself for more looks.

This is a fun event fashion-wise, because you can take many more risks. Its not on TV, its not the Oscars, and, really, only recently has it seens exposure in the media besides a short spread in Vogue and Harper's Bazaar. My personal favorite outfit from the met ball was Elle Macpherson's chartruese gown matched with gold flip-flops (but, alas, I cannot find a photo...). For this week's ball, there seemed to be only a few interesting and lovely gowns--gowns that stood athwart the sad trends like trains on short dresses, middle slits, inconsistent ruching and ruffles, and weird weird weird lace. Whoooie! After all that you might ask youself: was there anything good? Yes: here were my top fives:

#5: Nicole Ritchie's luxe bohemian look gets me nearly every time. I hate to say it, but she's got style.

#4 Zoe Saladena (is that how you spell it?) rocks this one sleeve Clavin Klein sheath. Love it.

#3 Carolina Herrerra is, of course, the quintessential female designer. And her she looks completely elegant and timeless in a gown of her own design. AND she wears gloves without looking like a poser. Brilliant.

#2 Iman looks stunning in this modern throwback to the 1930s. Absolutely stunning. I have not seen a black dress I liked this much in a really really long time.

#1 Also echoing the 1930's, I just love Kate Bosworth's lovely printed bias gown. The colors and textures transform a flattering silouhette into something luminous and enchanting. I haven't seen anything I liked better this whole year.

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