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January 1, 2010


I've never been one for yearly resolutions. I tend to do my resolutions during lent and advent well. And I often give myself little projects and seem to rise to the challenge of completeing them. But I have never been able to sustain a new years resolution throughout an entire year. Rather, I try to find something concrete that I can and ought to do anyway, and make it part of my routine.

This year, I only have one: to write a letter once a week. I have 2 friends in a cloistered convent, another 2 in Europe, family and friends all over the US. And there are few things as cathartic as writing a letter, or as happy as getting one in the mail. Perhaps my own notes will inspire others to write to me (yay). Either way, I do love writing letters. So, check your mailbox!

Happy New Year, sisters!

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