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January 22, 2010

March for Life 2010

Today I'll be with my young, female students on the March for Life. I find it such a privilege to stand with young women who are convinced of the value of life, the meaning of their femininity, and of the importance of civil protest on behalf of the most vulnerable. I wanted to share with you this prayer that I found to our Blessed Mother:

O Mary, Mother of the Life Within,
all life we entrust to you;
The life of every expectant mother
and the child within her womb:
The life of every human body,
the life of every human soul;
The life of every newborn child
and the life of all grown old.
You held the Lord to your own heart
and drew Him so close in.
So draw us now in all our needs,
O Mother of the Life Within.

And here is the most beautiful song for the deceased that my favorite order, the Dominicans, sing at the steps of the Supreme Court:


Margaret Perry said...

Thank you for posting this, Julian! I think I shall listen to it all day long.

Shannon said...

thank you for this, love.

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