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October 14, 2009

Respect for Life: Choosing Thomas

I came across this video while doing some reading on Catholic Exchange. It is absolutely stunning in every way possible. During this 40 Days for Life, let us be grateful for parents such as these and for the grace of the Cross that has been given to us who have been called.


Edith Magdalene said...

So heart-wrenching, Julian. I am sitting here in my favorite coffee shop all teary-eyed. What strength they have! And courage. How hard it was for them to watch their son die. But how lucky that child to die with loving parents holding him, loving him the whole time -- rather than being viciously ripped apart in the womb. God will bless them with their daughter and will look forward to re-uniting them all in heaven!

tk said...

see Edith's post. i could not agree more. may their Christ-centered love be a model for all expectant parents.

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