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October 1, 2009

The Little Things: The Feast of St. Therese of the Child Jesus

It's a big week in the church's calendar, folks. Feast day after feast day. I love the next few days or so because we have the opportunity to reflect on some real spiritual warriors who were most gentle in their respective battles. They remind us that our souls and the salvation of other souls are worth fighting for.

St. Therese is one of those spiritual warriors whose embrace of her cross would have looked like folly to the world. I think I have read her autobiography about three times or so at this point. St. Therese's story is one of paradox: she conforms herself to the will of God with childlike love, wonder, and simplicity, all while revealing a very rich theology of the value of purgative suffering.

You, Mother, let me make this offering of myself to God, and you know what flames - or rather what oceans of grace - flooded my soul...since that day I have been soaked and engulfed in love. There is not a second when this merciful love does not renew and cleanse me, sweeping every trace of sin from my heart. It's impossible for me to fear purgatory. I know too that Jesus does not want us to suffer uselessly, and that He would not inspire me with such desires unless He meant to fulfill them. And that, my beloved Mother, is all I can tell you of the life of your little Therese.

St. Therese, pray for us three "little flowers"!

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