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October 30, 2009

I Was Wondering...

Well, I was catching up reading one my favorite blogs (well, clearly this blog is my absolute favorite!!) this week...Dar al-Masih, a blog for Catholics on evangelization particularly for our Muslim brothers and sisters. I was struck by this post on converts to Islam particularly from Christianity. One link on the post to this website called "Turn to Islam" (which I will not hyperlink here because I started getting weird emails about being a 'Son of Hamas' the moment I opened this site...probably gonna have the CIA on me), and it made me really sad!

The site features videos of people - especially women who convert to Islam. One of the sites 'must see' videos features a young Hispanic woman who was raised Catholic and loved her faith. After she married a Muslim man, she decided to raise her children Catholic behind his back -- and then her children started asking her why she prayed to saints instead of God, and why she always prayed to her Crucifix. The woman had no answers and decided to 'turn to Islam,' and now she feels closer to God than ever. One thing I noticed in these videos -- each conversion is usually based upon not knowing the answers and feelings.

And it got me many Catholics know NOTHING about their faith? How many Catholics do the ritual or just seek a feeling from faith? But faith is an intellectual virtue (See Summa Theological Second part of the Second part Question 4, article 2). It just got me wondering -- what can I do, oh Lord. What can I do? Give me the gifts to spread Your Word and tell Your people who You ARE!

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