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October 5, 2009

Fall Fashion: The Skirt

(From Life Magazine)

It's fall. Have you noticed? It's not exactly cooler than it was two weeks ago, but 75 degrees feels different than it did 2 weeks ago. I'm glad too. Pretty soon tights and boots will be part of my regular rotation. Plus scarves, gloves, hats, and so forth. Layer after soft and structured layer. it's going to be great.

All the same, I'm having a hard time finding things this year. I don't mind that waists are a little higher (more feminine, and modest too--we can actually tuck shirts in, and not worry about showing skin whenever we bend down or sit down). But hemlines are higher too.

I don't mind skirts being above the knee--especially since I wear tights 90% of the time (and they are in, in, in!). Somehow short skirts are less short with opaque and colorful tights.

But I'm still having a real hard time finding good, sensible feminine clothes. Even with Michelle Obama setting the fashion scene, I'm having a hard time! Have you guys found any great, lovely, professional clothes this fall?


Julian said...

I was thinking of posting on tights today in fact - mostly about my frustration with the fact that people should be wearing longer skirts with tights rather than shorter skirts with spandex (as if they were pants!). Feminine lines are really difficult this season. I'm still just buying as classic of pieces that I can find: straight or A-line skirts, cardigans, button down shirts (with the ruffle to be "in," and black "Audrey Hepburn" shifts that I can wear with fun tights and heels at school and boots at night. I have picked up a few versatile tweed jackets this year to wear with skirts and pants. I wish there were more options for skirts though!

Angela Miceli said...

The styles at even some of the more 'classic' stores like Banana Republic are showing some really strange cuts this year. Most things I try on make me look like a space queen -- I feel like some weird 80's thing is in. It'll pass. Ann Taylor always works for me. But the styles are always pretty similar. I'm with you all -- I've been largely unimpressed and not satisfied with this season's fashion.

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