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October 26, 2009

Building with Boxes: How Agatha Stayed Inside All Weekend And Organized Her Life

I had intended to name this post something like "Setting Thing in Order" but that seemed too prosaic. Then I found this awesome book cover, and, hark, I had a title.

The truth is, since I moved to DC 15 months ago, I have been living out of boxes. In my old apartment (which I shared with Julian), I never had the space or furniture to entirely unpack my various possessions--including my beloved books. In this new apartment, my new roommate and I quickly made order in the common places. It took a couple weeks (ok! months) to get the art on the walls and the furniture in a floor plan we liked. But the living room, dining room, and kitchens were all serviceable, and even pleasant to look at within a week of moving in.

My bedroom, on the other hand...Well, 3 months in, and I still was living out of boxes. I mean, I unpacked my clothes, and my books (with new beautiful shelves)--but everything else was scattered in boxes around the room, vying for space with mid-season shoes, and several laundry baskets, plus a growing pile of birthday presents yet to be mailed. I only slept and dressed in my room, because I couldn't stand to stay there amid all the chaos.

That all changed this weekend, and I can't tell you how glad I am. Saturday morning, I woke up, made a cup of coffee, and immediately began rearranging my furniture. I used to be totally against putting beds in the corner opposite the door, but for some reason in this completely bonkers bedroom, it works. (I'll never say never again.) By simply switching the dresser and the bed, I totally transformed the nature of the room.

Then came the organizing, cleaning out the bottom of the closet, getting rid of boxes of junk, hiding boxes of old school papers, and throwing a few things in the hall closet (sorry roomie!) Slowly the room began to take shape. Sunday I was able to reorganize my CDs, sort through a huge pile of papers, and figure out what art I wanted to put on the wall. My good mood was only spoilt when my upstairs neighbor started pounding on the floor. I guess I had done a bit too much nailing for the day.

I can't tell you how much a difference this has made. I actually want to spend time in my room: whether it is to write or read, to craft something or talk on the phone. I still need quite a few things (matching bed linens would be nice, so would a table lamps), and I really should paint my bed table. Plus I still need to make my curtains. But, there is order, things are tidy, and attractive, and I can actually use the space.

I call that a good and fruitful weekend.

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Edith Magdalene said...

Very fruitful indeed -- it's funny --Peter and I have little by little been doing the same thing trying to consolidate our things and slowly move his into my apt for February!! It's so nice to accomplish cleaning and make your place livable!!

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