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October 12, 2009

The Vocation of Motherhood: A Practical Take

Dear Readers,
My apologies for not posting this my future father-in-law this weekend for a big time national college football game kept me away from my computer. But we did have a nice time, even though our team did not win the game. Anyway, I wanted to post just a quick tidbit before I head off to meet a professor. I was watching EWTN's The World Over last week, and was delighted to meet this lovely lady: Rachel Campos-Duffy. Rachel is a mother of 5, was on MTV's The Real World in the 1990's (before it was super trashy), and she almost had Elizabeth Hasselback's job on The View (which by the way, I despise, so I'm glad she did not get on that show!)

Anyway, she recently published a book about being a stay-at-home mom, and now posts a blog about parenting in today's modern world. She was very dynamic, and you can watch the reel from the show on the website linked above. I know we are not all mom's yet, but many of us do feel that vocation, so this might be a good resource as we develop our vocations in life. I do believe that women are called to motherhood in one way or another - spiritual or physical -- and both!! Hope you find it helpful and have a blessed day!!

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