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October 21, 2009

So a Guy Walked into a Bar...

Attention: this is not a joke.

I literally felt like I was living in a dream two nights ago at Theology on Tap. I was listening to a great talk on traditional marriage and its sociological implications by someone from the Family Research Council, and I decided to stay afterwards with a few friends to socialize. A hansome guy who I had made eye contact with in the bar literally got up from his seat, walked over to me, introduced himself, carried on an interesting conversation with me, and asked if he could take me out. Doesn't this only happen in black and white films?

Now, I'm not banking on a love connection or anything, but it was really nice to be treated like a lady.

The punch line: maybe a talk on the sociological and theological theories behind protecting traditional marriage and sexuality can actually be put into practice!

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Shannon said...

Love this post!! you go girl!

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