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January 31, 2011

Edith's Back...

Well, as you probably noticed, I've been pretty silent this past month and half, and not without good reason. I first want to thank all of you for your prayers for me this past year. As you all know, 2010 was straight up Not.My.Year. And trust me, no one was happier than me to shed the weight of a terrible 2010 (literally - I left 25 lbs. behind!) Go 2011!!

Things have been looking up! I met a professor at Notre Dame who has invited to share in the community there, attend her class, and attend political science events. I have been working on my really working, not aimlessly reading, and I even started teaching a class at the local college where I had interviewed earlier in 2010. God has shown me His bounteous gifts by giving me a new springtime, a new time of flourishing, a new outpouring of blessings. And I wake up every morning and thank God with my whole heart that He saved me from almost marrying a man who would have made me more than unhappy.

During the feast of the Immaculate Conception novena , I was praying to God for a confirmation that I was ready to start dating again. And He delivered. The last day of that novena, I was asked for my phone number...although nothing came of that save a few random text messages, it was still nice to feel that I had a 'green light' in my prayer life that I was really ready to date again (btw, stay tuned, in my text post, I'll share some experiences and seek some dating advice!) I have, however, gone out on one date and I had a great time. Although I am not thrilled to be in the dating scene, I am just joyful to be pursuing what God is asking me to do and becoming the person He is asking me to be.

Just a little life update for now, but more substantial posts to come! Dear 2011: I love you already! I love you so much, I am even looking forward to my 28th birthday (which falls on Good Friday this year.) I mean, if I am looking forward to being older and it falls on the most solemn day of the liturgical year, then I know things in life are definitely moving in the right direction!


Mary said...

It's so wonderful to hear your update! I pray this will be a beautiful, blessed year for you!!

La Italiana said...

It's about time for you, Edith! Continued prayers for you :)

Jennie said...

Welcome Back! Congratulations on your weight loss, how exciting:) I have a feeling this year will be a blessed one for you.

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