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January 22, 2011

The Set-Up


I have never really ventured into the world of setting up friends who I think might make a compatible couple, but I was recently struck with the idea of introducing two wonderful persons to each other (in prayer!). Has anyone successfully done this? I've been on the other end of this process, and have experienced it a few different ways: being the only one who knew it was a "set up," being totally off-guard, and having the man also know this was a "set-up." For those matchmakers out there, what do you think is the best way to go? The opportunity for the two of them to meet is about a week away, in a relaxed atmosphere (a party), but I'm wondering if either of them (or both) should be clued into my thinking.

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Margaret E. Perry said...

don't clue them in. specifically, but if you can mention casually, "Oh have you et me friend, Mr. X. You'd like him...I'll be sure to introduce you" then it is on her mind.

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