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April 27, 2009

If the Shoe Fits....

Yesterday I walked into DSW (my credit card always panics when I walk in here!) in an attempt to get some cute sandals now that spring has sprung. Now, I have a fairly awkward-shaped foot, but I'm always optimistic in this store because of the quantity and variety of shoes on display. However, as I was scouring the store, shoe after shoe, I began to panic, because I was not meeting any success. I literally began to sweat as I rummaged through boxes for sizes and styles that worked. And then it hit me...this is exactly how I feel about dating! I have the chance to "try on" different men for size, feel, and comfort. The flashy shoes (men) are always the most impractical, the practical shoes (men) can sometimes be boring. I desire a shoe (man) that is both stylish and versatile, practical and fun. Most of all, I just want it (him) to fit.

Yesterday I was about to give up, and I was really upset not only because I had made this parallel between men and shoes in my head, but because I was desperate for sandals to wear to work this week. And after all of the panic and sweat, just as I was about to walk out the door, I recognized an old standby brand that hit my eye...the shoe was both cute and versatile and something that fit my difficult and awkward foot (definitely representative of me!). I left with a smile on my face, filled with hope that this "shopping" around for the shoe that fits was indicative of meeting a man who'll fit, too.

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Shannon said...

great analogy, E!
just love it!

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