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April 22, 2009

Administrative Professional's Day

The delivery man walked up our spiral staircase, carrying a large box filled with two huge cellophane wrapped packages. "I'm looking for N. and N." he said, walking into my office.

"That's here," I said, looking at him strangely. He dropped a piece of paper on my desk ("please sign") and two big "bouquets" of chocolate covered strawberries. Then made a pitch about how I could order through him and receive discounts.

Thus began my morning. Our head department had sent over these two bouquets of chocolate covered strawberries for us to celebrate Administrative Professional's Day. And I must say, the thought counts. It really does. We work hard for the department, and it is nice to be appreciated.

But since I don't get presents on Mother's Day (yet), and won't on Father's day (ever), and I'm even farther away from Grandparents Day (though I don't know of anyone who celebrates that!)--a little part of me wishes that this day of appreciation had a slightly more glamorous title that "Administrative Professional's Day."

All the same, the strawberries are good.

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