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April 20, 2009

The Doctor's Office: A Chance to Witness

Nurse: I assume you use safe sexual practices.
Agatha: (flatly) I don't have sex.
Nurse: You know just because you don't get your period regularly doesn't mean you can't get pregnant.
A: I don't have sex.
Nurse: Yes, but they told you that you can still get pregnant when you don't have your period.
YES! But you can't get pregnant if you don't have sex!

Julian brought this scene up in her second post about being a vigin in a doctor's office (her first post is here. I don't have anything especially interesting to say on the subject. It is one of those common trials that those of us who try to live chaste lives confront often enough. I have a handful of stories myself.

Commentor Louis suggested a number of proactive ways to overcome this difficulty, but I have a hard time doing any of those things (besides pray, of course). I hate doctor's offices enough as it is, and don't really want to get into a debate with these people. But I do always try to stand firm on the subject, too. At least (for a brief moment), we are a witness to an older and better way of life.


louis said...

Hey Agatha: I'm not letting you off the hook just yet. Let's talk about shopping! If you buy a defective dress - you get angry and go back to the store and vigorously advocate for yourself. Well, if you get a "defective" doctor the issue is quite the same. You must advocate for yourself. However, if you are still too wimpy to advocate for yourself, then - bring out the "mother grizzly bear" (hidden inside every one of you beautiful women) and advocate for YOUR FUTURE DAUGHTERS !!! If you don't ACT now then your daughters will have the same and probably even worse experiences!! Is that what you want for your children??? Isn't your daughter's life worth a vigorous (and potentially entertaining) debate with "these people"??? (Don't you guys have another Magdalene Sister named "URSA Terribile" ? Come on now.!!!!!

Shannon said...

this is honestly so comical. i deal with the same thing!

louis said...

Ok then Shannon, how do you deal with this issue? Until men in general, and Catholic men in particular become "men" once again; I am afraid that women will need to defend themselves from this stupidity.

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