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April 28, 2009

Doctor's Office Follow-Up

Hi Sisters! Just a little follow up to our many posts on going to the Doctor.

I took commentator Louis' advice: I went to, which linked me to a site called One More Soul. One More Soul has a list of contact for Catholic doctors by state and by type of doctor. It's a great resource!!

I found a doctor on there, and made an appointment. He was a great doctor, informing me of what vaccinations are currently made from aborted fetuses, and then told me that the Vatican has not officially stated any thing about the ethical and moral responsibility of receiving these vaccines. He also gave me information about classes on the Creighton method for when I may need it. In fact, even though I am not married, he told me that I could still attend these seminars and that it is a good thing to know how my body works. Anyway, hope these resources help you. Praise God for informative and faithful doctors!!

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