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April 18, 2009

The Doctor's Office

Last night I was talking with Agatha and another friend about going to the doctor.  I wanted to bring our conversation back to this topic, which I addressed way back when we started this blog. Why is is SO hard to go to a doctor and upon explaining that you are not sexually active you are treated as some sort of medical anomaly or a risk to your own health?  I just went to the doctor last week, and after she closed the door there was a poster for 24 different types of birth control methods (including IUD's, which quite frankly, scare me to death!).  Agatha told us about a recent experience in which the doctor REFUSED to acknowledge her abstinence as a preventive measure or foolproof way of practicing "safe sex."  How do we take back control of the doctor's office? 

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louis said...

Here are the steps you should take.1) Pray for your doctor(s). 2)Confront your doctor in a non-threatening way and indicate that they are perpetuating the problem (and the culture of death) with their current attitudes. 3) Refer your doctor to two excellent websites - (the Catholic Medical Association) and (excellent resource material). 4) Encourage all of your friends and relatives to do the same. 5) Ask your doctor to visit your blog and last but not least: DO NOT BE AFRAID !!!!

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