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November 17, 2009

Just Imagine This

Now, as some point in her life, every little girl thinks she wants to be a fashion model. And for some 200 Italian women, they thought they were going to finally get their dream when they answered an ad seeking 'tall, attractive' women to attend a party for modeling agency. But what these women did not anticipate was that they would not be modeling like this:

They would be encouraged instead to dress like this:

According to yesterday's New York Times, that's exactly what 200 Italian women dealt with this week when they answered what they thought was a modeling ad, but instead was a front by Libya's Colonel Qaddafi to um....evangelize these women to turn to Islam. First, he turned away any woman dressed provocatively, then shipped all the women to villa near Rome, then handed out the Koran and preached on women's role in Islam, offering to pay for each of them to take a trip to Mecca if they convert.

Wow, just wow. And the kicker of the article: the last line - "This week, Colonel Qaddafi is expected to hold similar events with other groups of women."

Does anyone else find this extremely disturbing? But if a Muslim converts to Christianity, then this is what they can expect. I am so stunned by this right now, I don't actually know how to react! Thoughts?

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Julian said...

Sorry for such a delayed comment, but this is really unbelievable. I'm confused - did Berlusconi know this was going on?

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