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November 17, 2009

Aggy's Bucket List

Oh! I loved Julian's post yesterday about the Bucket List for the Single Life. It really speaks to some of the things I have been thinking about as I prepare for Advent. When I was first mulling over the idea of this blog, and talking about it with Julian and Edith, and other friends, I spoke at length with my dear friend Jane, who was by then married and had a little baby girl. She and her husband had had a long courtship, spanning nearly 5 years, with one break of about a year and a half where they did not speak to each other at all. During that time she was at first completely devastated. He was, without a doubt, the man she wanted to marry.

But then, after a while, she set her life in order. She told me she said to herself: "Well, I guess I am not going to get married, so I might as well start living the life I want to live." She started studying the subjects she wanted to pursue in graduate school. She started buying locally, and working on her painting. She became more involved in her church and worked hard, storing up for the future.

When they were reunited, those same habits had become a part of her life, and were integrated into his life and their marriage.

This seems to me to sum up perfectly the way we should live our single life (so long as it is a transitory vocation)--by working on ourselves. All that being said: here's my bucket list:

1) I want to learn how to play an instrument. I waffle between the harmonica (easy) and the guitar (fits my musical tastes), the piano (jazz baby) and the bass fiddle. The later will never happen--much too difficult. But it's always been my favorite instrument, so...

2) I want to become financially responsible. You know, saving, staying out of debt, etc. I don't use credit cards, so that helps. But there's still the terribly common trial of living from pay-check to paycheck. (Which reminds me, Julian. I still owe you $25...)

3) I want to become more involved in my church and community. Especially the church. And while we're at it, I want to live in the city...not outside it.

4) I want to do the pilgrim's route to Compostella, take my parents to Prague, and take my sister to Mexico City to see Our Lady of Guadalupe.

5) I want to become a patron of the arts: specifically, I want to save up to purchase works of art from some of my friends who are artists. I also want to specially support the non-profit work of my friends and peers who are sacrificing a lot to pursue their dreams or work for the good of others.

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La Italiana said...

Want to start saving for the pilgrimage to Compostella? Then you'll knock out two things. And I can invite myself to join you! :) How fun would a pilgrimage be?

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