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November 16, 2009

The Bucket List for the Single Life

In a recent conversation with a married friend and mother of two it was suggested to me to make a "single life Bucket List" of things that I'd like to do while I am single. She wasn't advising me to do this to suggest that once one gets married one's life ends (or begins), but rather to say that there is a real value to the single life, albeit temporary or permanent, and it should be used well. The single life affords real, focused formation, and it should be used in both serious and light-hearted avenues that help us to grow in virtue (and perhaps a spirit of adventure). I've begun to make my own, and I invite you to tell me some of the things that would be on your list!

  • Finish studying Italian so that I am fluent
  • Go skiing (pathetic that I haven't been - I know!)
  • Invest in a good camera and take a photography class or two
  • Read, read, read!
  • Learn to knit more than scarves. I can't even purl!
I'm sure that Edith and Peter could make a "newlywed bucket list" and then a longer "marriage bucket list." I think it's important to keep ourselves disciplined in formation. Leisure can be productive, right? :)

Happy list-making!


CB said...

This is a very good idea! *scurries off to make her own list*

Aaron said...

An intriguing idea... Though I'm at a bit of loss for things I might (reasonably) want to do while single that (a) I could not do while married or (b) I have not already done.

Perhaps the closest is this: hiking the Grand Canyon. In spite of being from Arizona, I've never done it. For years my brother and I were too young. Now my folks are too old. A couple years ago my brother and I tried to make plans but didn't get pulled for a camping spot at the bottom. (The tribe that controls the base limits the number of overnight campers at any given time.) Perhaps we should try to do that. Though he's currently out of the country. And my knee's been aching... Maybe not.

I know a fellow whose fiancee said she wouldn't marry him until he read the Kristin Lavransdatter trilogy. I don't think he quite made it before their wedding day, but he made a good-faith effort. (I tried reading it once, and gave up in the first book.) I know there are some classic titles I've never attempted. Perhaps I should pick up a couple of those. Right after comps.

I'll keep thinking...

Jennie said...


This is a great idea. Your friend is right, you should definitely take advantage of life as a single woman. Marriage is wonderful, but it does have a tendency to take up a lot of time:)

I'm trying to learn to knit too, and I'm so bad at it. I just rented a Learn to Knit DVD from the library, but it didn't help much. Maybe you could take a knitting class? I know I would love to try to do that at some point. Oh, and one thing I'm glad I did before I was married was take a trip to Hawaii with my best friend. We had a ball!

Good luck!

Aaron said...

Ok, so I thought of two things: something I've done, and something I'd like to do. This semester I took up exercising, intentionally. Never having owned a car, I always got a lot of exercise. But this semester I've taken up visiting the gym twice a week and exercising with some military officers and history colleagues. The knee injury during Friday's 6 mile run notwithstanding, I've really enjoyed it, being healthier and watching my progress from Day 1 (when I told the captain who leads our crew: "Dan, I don't think I HAVE abs....").

And something I'd yet like to do: become a extraordinary minister of the Holy Eucharist. I've been lectoring for the last ten years. I love it, and it will always been my first ministerial love. But there are occasions now and again when a Eucharistic minister is needed and I'm not trained to fill that role. It's not hard. I don't mind standing in front of people at church. But somehow I've never managed to find my way to an EM training. One of these days, in the not entirely distant future, I'll do it. Kind of like the gym...

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