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November 21, 2009

Hair Help!

As a schoolteacher, it's hard enough to get myself out the door at 7:00 AM looking reasonably put-together (and hopefully relatively fashionable at that). I think it's important for a lady to look presentable at work (even if her bedroom is a little scattered after the morning rush). One thing that I usually pay a little less attention to are my accessories, although I do have a few nice pieces. I can't figure out if it's worth buying a variety of less expensive (and lower quality) pieces or whether or not I should buy a few high quality ones to wear more often...after all, teachers are on a pretty tight budget!

I would like to use my long hair as an accessory as well. At least I'd like to wear it differently once in awhile to complement my outfit or my mood. I usually can only manage to wear it down and smooth or in a little ponytail. Does anyone have suggestions for easy up-dos? Any accessories to add a little feminine touch to the day? I have pretty dark hair and think a few things might really stand out in it, but I'm not sure where to start. Here's one link, but I think I could use a few more tips. Thanks!


Shannon said...

I wish I were good with the up-dos but I'm not.

Your hair is by far the most gorgeous hair I've seen! Lusciously dark, thick, and beautiful!

You always look great.

Angela Miceli said...

I too have long dark hair. Some days I throw it up, but I keep a part and usually put a cute headband in it. Target has some really cute embellished headbands, and I love the ones at Anthropologie, but they are expensive! Some days, I might curl my hair, throw in a headband and head to school!

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