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February 7, 2009

Those Lazy, Hazy, Crazy Days of ...Winter?

The female brain. Mine goes about two miles a minute, and it's powered by guilt. Does anyone else suffer from this complex? I was out with two friends last night for dinner and a movie, and all I kept thinking about was the long checklist in my head of things that I need to get accomplished for work and at my apartment this weekend. My head was SPINNING. I hate the fact that I can hardly ever be present with people, or with myself. I dreaded waking up today because of the amount of things that I need to do, and the fact that I have to squeeze them in between two other weekend outings.

Whoah, Julian!

You have been blessed with THREE opportunities to see friends this weekend and to kick back and take your mind off of work.

(Back to the first person...) I don't know why this happens everyday. Why do I spend my life rushing around from one task to the next? Why is down time so hard for me? Why do I feel so guilty when I haven't accomplished each task with 100% effort behind it?

No wonder I'm having a spiritual dry spell these days. I can't even slow myself down to enjoy friends without guilt, let alone to sit and say hello to God. I could use suggestions for creating some white noise in my head and in my heart...

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