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February 2, 2009

The Good Mass

So much to say! There have been so many good posts lately, and it's just my luck that I haven't had time to do anything but work for the last two weeks. I especially want to respond at length to Julian's post about Motherhood and the Single Life.

But for now, a humbling note. Yesterday started out wonderfully. I got a lot of things done, felt refreshed and ready for the week. I was still stressed about a few things, notably about my friend Helen (not her real name of course), who is dealing with divorce and faith crises, and about my job situation (both that I have too much work, and that I hate it!) As the afternoon wore on, I was in a bit of an emotional state, and finally I got to mass only to be greeted by...


Seriously. The Hymn of the Prayer of St. Francis was done to a Cha-cha beat, and I nearly wanted to scream. From there on the mass was up and down. Or should I say, my engagement with it. The Gloria, even though it is one of my least favorite settings, was jubilant and stirring. The Mass Readings were powerful, and the sermon was good, if a bit rambling. But then there were the ad-libbed additions to the Mass, and the almost flippant recitation of blessings and prayers.

I was fuming by the time I left, and took it out on poor Julian. I said I was sorry before, but I really mean it now, dear! Why? When I got back home there was a text message from Helen. "Have a good mass. As if mass could be anything else."

Mea Culpa.

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Julian said...

Oh Agatha, you didn't take it out on me. I was in a zone thinking about work! I was sad that the liturgy was not moving for you, because when that happens to me, I get super distracted and then annoyed. If only we could be like the mystics who were able to contemplate in the midst of daily activities! Imagine that - union with God and beatitude while vacuuming or sitting through a distasteful liturgy...oh the stuff of saints!

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